Welcome to this Website. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our Rescue Organization that we hope makes it easier for you to understand how our Rescue Program works.

Jack Russell Rescue of Scottsdale was formed by Sue Murphree of Scottsdale, Arizona, for the purpose of placing abandoned, unwanted, or displaced Jack Russells in new homes for life. The goal of JRRS is to place each JRT in the best possible home. This is done by learning about you and your family through an Application for Adoption which helps JRRS to find the ”right” JRT for you and your family.

REMEMBER - Adoption is a “Commitment For Life.”

BEFORE YOU CALL US TO PLACE YOUR JRT IN ANOTHER HOME, READ THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE. Remember that JRRS is here for the benefit of the dogs who cannot speak for themselves - not for people who want to dump their dogs. If you are looking for somewhere to dump your dog, we are not in the business of taking unadoptable dogs to have them euthanized. If you want to have a pet euthanized, please have the courage to do this yourself. That is not what JRRS does. We have become a very disposable society - if something doesn’t work out the way we would like, the tendency is to simply “get rid” of the problem instead of working to solve the problem. Unfortunately, this premise is very true in relation to our pets.

If you are unwilling or unable to make a commitment for life to a JRT, then adoption is NOT for you.

At this site, you will discover all about our Rescue Organization, JRRS.

Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about our services, or simply need more information and want to contact us, click on the contact button on any page within this site.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving any potential adoptor, as well as displaced or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers.


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